Worst. Summer. Ever.

by Del Paxton

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150 Gram 45 RPM vinyl recording pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies available now through Secret Audio Club. For details click the link below:



released 25 August 2013

Worst. Summer.Ever. was written and performed by Del Paxton and recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Korbesmeyer at White Out Audio in Cleveland, Ohio. Adam Korbesmeyer also played Wurlitzer on 'Motion Sick'. Album photo by Ashley Finkney. Vinyl layout by Mike Avery.



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Del Paxton Buffalo, New York

Dylan- Guitar
Zack - Bass
Greg - Drums


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Track Name: Surfs Up
Done swimmin still drippin much like the life we've been livin. I've had a hard time staying under. With wet feet and clattering teeth what was it I saw there back in the reef? Damnation, salvation or all or none of the above. Not for nothing but you gotta get back into the ocean. The wave breaks and under we go the undertow lies in wait for us. Just beneath the consciousness stream where make-believe's something tangible. Take me away to a place where we know the time will move slow enough so that we can take it all in because when it begins is when the pressure drops away. I need this for reference. Made weight so ill just take the severance. Surf's up.
Track Name: October
october over and over kicking and dreaming of you without any tattoos but the one on your back the one that I drew drawn out like a dog asleep in your bed asleep like I had passed out in a room i'd never draw october all over. my baby-she's a neverender. i knew it when i read the letter. to drive it home we needed both headlights. i must have been out of my mind. if only half of the time. i was smoked out- in a daze sometimes. i know this will hurt but i won't withhold myself from you so we absolutely need both headlights. In a room i'd never draw you'd chase those dreams i never had and someday i'd get over that and not bite back.
Track Name: Two Planes Away
I hadn't seen that bend in your elbow for a long time.
Another home erased along a long line.
You'd rely on a plane ride back to the first time.
You were uninvited. Maybe it's my eyes.
I'm over your house. Who's over now? You're smaller.
I'd like your plans to fall right through me.
I had to lay my head in her window for a long time.
Another home erased along a long ride.
You'd rely on the first time you went on a plane.
At night, your house looks different, maybe it's my eyes.
I'm over your house. Who's over now? You're smaller.
I'd like your plane to fall right through me.
Track Name: The Ninety
The same road on the same lake in the same apartment with a different roommate. That's when you came to hang spent the whole night swerving lanes. I'll be on my way back. Shotgun holding on to your weed while you would speed I grabbed the headrest on that exit I felt weak. I'll be on my way back. Molly I had another drink, and I'm still drunk. Washing that name off my hand on the ride back. I'll be on my way, I'll be on my way back. I'll be on my way back home.
Track Name: Motion Sick
There were bright colors. And all the houses that we chose to sleep in all lost their color in the fall, getting too cold to sleep in the front lawn. He gave you that curse when you made out. It felt worse. When you made out it felt like he had an accent. And I just had to exhale I was motion sick from the way I handled it. I laughed around the time you made eyes with my best friend and not mine. Well I guess I'm burning a hole in your pocket.